My Salah Mat Review

My Salah Mat Review: An Engaging Way to Teach Children How to Pray

My Salah Mat is an interactive educational prayer mat for Muslim children to teach them how to pray. I was taught how to pray by my grandmother since I was lucky to grow up living in the same house as her. Times have now changed and children learn through various interactive ways. The parents and family members still remain the principle teachers, but tools definitely help. Here is our My Salah Mat review. Be sure to read till the end for a contest to win the mat also!

My Salah Mat Review

The My Salah Mat is designed for children age 3 – 10. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use the mat for different age groups according to the developmental stages of the children.

The mat is touch-sensitive and requires batteries for usage. Once you start the mat it guides the child through the various stages of prayer such as wuzu, qibla, azaan, iqama, neeyat, takbir, rakaat etc.

The mat is designed in such a way that younger children can interact with the mat to get exposed to the various steps in namaz including listening to the various ayats and surahs. They will also learn the proper postures. As the children grow, their attention levels increase and they can be guided through the enter steps of namaz.

The prayer mat can be used in seven languages including Urdu and English! So you can choose the language your child is comfortable in. My Salah Mat comes with a manual, guide for parents and an activity book for children.

I feel My Salah Mat is the perfect gift for young children for them to get interested in daily prayers in age-appropriate ways and highly recommend it.

How to Buy:

You can buy the mat on and also check the site for more details. They shop worldwide!


You can win a My Salah Mat for your children or to give as a gift!

Contest is open worldwide and closes April 1, 2019. To enter do the following steps. Each gets you an entry in the random draw:

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Winner will be selected by random draw.

We hope you enjoyed our My Salah Mat review. Do enter the contest!

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53 thoughts on “My Salah Mat Review: An Engaging Way to Teach Children How to Pray

  1. Its an excellent way of instilling muslim values in todays gadget controlled era. An innovative and modern interactive way to motivate kids for salah.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this mat…I love it that it has sounds now a days kids are so technology addicted and learn so much through videos and sounds …and for more younger kids like 4-5 years old ones the colors will be fascinating too as my kids are particularly drawn towards bright colors.

  3. Great way of teaching Salah to our kids using modern technology. I think I know what to get for kids for Eidi this time ?

  4. The world most amazing thing i hve ever come across thanku to both of u??..Such a gud job u guys have done i want dis fr my child…May Allah subanotallah bless ur efforts..Ameen

  5. Wish i jad something like this when i was learning hor to pray lol…hopeing to eith this for my kids! You are doing a fantastic job! ??

  6. This is such a good 18th months baby girl is so interested in salah that I have to give her a Janamaz and sajdagah. And she tries to copy each and every step.

  7. This is the great idea to teach our kids how to pray in the right way…hope to win this for my two son In sha Allah.

  8. The product is great… I like the fact it is like a computer since children like technology.. Mashallah.. very innovative

  9. What a great initiative to introduce prayers in kids without difficulties.. excellent creation ny my salat mat .. thank you tamania for introducing us about this mat ..

  10. Very nice idea and they’ll be learning different duas just while playing with it aswell.
    Hoping to win this for my 3 kids.

  11. AOA! It’s amazing how is was wonder to find reviews for it and then you do one. So now I am convinced. Thank you ❤️

  12. MashaAllah such a lovely pray mat to have. It surely can make kids to pray. I struggle to make my 8 year old daughter to stand beside me for salah but after having this I don’t think there will be any. @MySalah awesome idea jazakAllah @shamailalaeeq

  13. Assalamualaikum….. It would be nice gift for will involve kids nicely towards their big responsibility.

  14. What a great idea, Mashallah. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of ways to teach my daughter to do Salah.

  15. Ma Sha Allah Ma sha Allah
    Yaar u doing an amazing job
    Itna acha lga ye dekh kar, meri 3 betiyan hain Ma sha Allah
    Or Allah pak mujhe toufeeq de inki achi tarbiyat kerne ki Ameen
    Ye mat behad zarori h mere lye
    Dua ha k mil jae muje ye ? ameen lots of love n prayers for u dear…

  16. What a beautiful thing masha Allah. Hope to win for my kids they will love it im sure. Thanks Tamania for the giveaway 🙂

  17. Very nice invention I must say! So nice of you to start a contest for this mat. My son is not even 3 as yet but I am still so eager to win 🙂

  18. Such a lovely, innovative way to teach kids how to pray! ❤ Children these days are into latest electronic gadgets and what more could one ask for than something so interactive making them go near their religion!! It’s one of the best inventions of modern technology, I would say.
    Would love to win this as a gift. Appreciate the fact that it teaches in so many languages including Urdu :)☺

  19. It’s amazing thing for kids .
    Waqt kum aur muqabla sukht hai?
    Good luck everyone.
    Who ever wins this will be sadqa jariya for you @urdumom.

  20. I have never come across anything this innovative and fun at the same time, to engage and encourage young minds towards Namaz and the Qur’an! Thanks for introducing this to us, I had no idea something like this existed. Living abroad away from parents and grandparents, this would solve one of my main concerns regarding how to motivate children to be a good muslim. Really hope I win this! If not, will definitely be buying it InshAllah ?

  21. I seriously love the concept of this matter so much. I would love to get this for all of my nephews and nieces. What a perfect gift idea ? This is sadaqa e jariah for yourself. Imagine Everytime a child will pray, you will get the reward as well because you played an integeral part in helping them learn salah and more importantly, falling in love with salah. Oh what a beautiful gift that is!!!!

  22. Ma Sha Allah what an amazing & innovative idea to install the habit of praying in the modern day’s Muslim child. I would love to win one for my 9 year old. Keep up the good work & thank you for sharing this awesome product @urdumom ? stay blessed ??

  23. It is the best gift fir your kids as I see in the review by urdu mom so if I don’t win it in the giveaway I am going to buy it for my kids.?

  24. Salaam dear,
    You are doing a great job!! ??
    Keep it up Ma sha allah
    I would love to win this prayer mat
    as my daughter is very interested to pray with me but loses interest very soon
    But am sure with this amazing salah mat she will enjoy it alot more.

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